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Repair | Refurbish | Restore 


We can correct most device issues quickly and cost effectively:

Broken Glass

Damaged LCD

Won't Charge

Poor Battery Life

Faulty Buttons

No Wifi / Cellular 

Damaged Camera

No Sound

Repairing an iPhone
Phone opened to have a battery installed


Even if your devices are working, they may need a 'tune up' to keep them running at peak performance, such as: replacing the charging port, installing a new battery, cleaning the earpiece speaker. We can handle all the maintenance for your devices, plus we'll keep track of the maintenance intervals for all your devices.


For your security, before recycling or trading in your devices, we can make sure the data is completely removed. We  will wipe the internal storage of any left over information and restore the device back to factory settings. 

We can restore your mobile device
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